Saturday, 4 July 2009


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Klashnekoff on The Funhouse with with DJ MK and Harry Love

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Where's Klashnekoff..?

where the blogclart is Klashnekoff and the album?????

this is the most asked question along side...where's Bin Laden and duz Obama eat fried chicken on Sundays??

well the long short of it is...

the album was meant to come out last year...

most of it was recorded from last year, but the studio got robbed (no i wasn't there, and it wasn't my studio), all the shit got taken along wid my album...since then i've been trying to retrieve my shit (since i knew the people who did it) but while i was trying to sort it out, Smasher began rebuilding the beats from scratch (big up Smash Man m.b.k) and since then it’s been nothing but back and forth beef wid the management, label, and people in the game who owe me money....

the album is gonna be called Back to the Sagas... as the intention is on taking it back to basics in terms of energy n essence but wid a new edge! every 1 who's heard it says it’s a classic, but you’ll have to be the judge of i got the same hunger as Siler from Heroes has right now. i feel like a new artist..but i'm still trying to make that world wide music so it’s a good balance of new energy n old essence...also i knew a lot of people weren't happy wid Lion Heart which wasn't actually my album, it was a collabo album between me and Buhdah...i saw it as me going into his zone for a hot sec, but the hype made it seem like it was my album so people have judged it as such...but i overstand why...

...annnnnnnny way!!!

the album's about 4 wks away from being completed and mixed now that the issues have been ironed out with the label, minus the management... things are looking more positive at the moe, also i've been working on Sound Klash! sssssshhh... which is me getting into that hip hop/reggea/rockers/studio 1 /lovers old skool type zone!! i know people have been waiting to hear a whole album with me in that reggae zone..

till then ur gonna see other things popping off (side ways)

in the last 2 years so much shit has happened wid me and the whole team but over time i'm sure u'll hear about it..

so No i ain’t dead!! n Yes there’s an album.

as for Terra Firma... kmt thats a whooooooole nother story... save that for a next blog..

to all the fans n supporters nuff luv, i see n hear u.. its coming!!

oh ps... there’s a new video that's been up loaded of me dissing Westwood lol.. thats some 3/4 year old footage and i don't want people to think that's some new shit and i'm still pissed at him. far from it... that's not how i'm looking to kick off 09, people get it twisted wid that whole shit anyway.. i don't think i'm a goon or i'm sum big blogclart super star, i've never claimed to be a bad man... but i'm not a dick head either and if i feel a certain way then i'll express it... not like most.. and wat sum people mistake 4 arrogance or bravado is simply PASSION. yh sometimes it's over the top but it’s straight from the heart n mind.. that's how i am, i wear my heart on my sleeve, and yh it’s got me in to trouble a few times but FUCK IT!! lol "Jus Live Ur Life". nah but on the real.. i try to be humble, fuck hype! but sometimes.. well u know how it goes anyway lol but my intentions are always good..

ps To the haters n and jankrowz i see n hear everything...ur time soon come...



new skriblah mix cd (Skriblah Season) landing asap.. ssssssshh...

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